Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sometimes I use blue.

Based on Hokusai's "the Great Wave."  Her first and only tattoo.
Still healing, but you get the idea.
Traded with a friend in Las Vegas.  Downtown Tattoo, Las Vegas.  Really, really good shop!

Girls, girls, girls.

 Meeting of the Marked... Pittsburgh, PA.  Really fun show.
 This is paired up with the squaw girl, in a different post, on the same client.  Backs of thighs.  Good spot.
 Another peacock.  Fancy peacocks are always male.
 Based on a Bettie Page painting by Olivia.

 Flapper girl.
 Based on a Russian prison tattoo.
 Another flapper girl.
My take on Medusa.  A bit fancier than I usually do, but it's on the upper thigh, so it will age nicely.

A couple peacocks...

Some older ones...

 He asked for a "sailor pin-up" and I came up with this.  He likes the 1920's and 30's style, which pre-dates popular cheesecake and pin-up style art.  So we had her 13 button flap pants open and made her a bit sultry. I like this one a lot.

 I bit more modern in style, but sticking with what will age well.  Tattooed on a fellow vegan.

 Done at the Roc City Tattoo Convention in Rochester, NY.  Great show.  This is on Kenny from Cardinal Tattoo in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Amazing shop.